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Side View Of The Unique Exterior School Bulding And Glass Exterior

Crinkled Wall as the Uprising Generation of School Design

Maybe it seems so odd when you hear that a school, that is a place for study, has a unique and strange in its building design. But, since the time passes by and everything changes, it is not impossible for a building such a school to has an attractive building concept that can either attract student’s attention or give them the freedom feeling to express their ability in school. One…

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Awesome Practical Curving Shape House Design With Glass Wall And Glass Door Beautiful Green Garden

The Light Valley Practical House Layout

Young couples usually want to express their freedom and youth feeling into something unusual but attractive. One of which is the house’s shape. Nothing is impossible is the right expression to see how our people create such interesting but unique house design. The light valley practical house layout is one of a very awesome layout design that can be applied for those young couples with their small children. This house’s…

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