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Creative Black Marble Bathtub Collection By Bagno Sasso Ag Designs

Natural Bathtub Collection for Natural Look

For those who know a lot about designing home and so on, I am sure they know of the fact that many designers have the habit of releasing collections at once, and the same goes for simple things such as bathtub collection. This makes sense though, because this will give the chance for the customers the style they favor the most. For this very reason, I am going to talk…

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Astonishing Bathtub Bathroom Interiors With Stone Floor Fireplace Blamket

Inspiring Unusual Bathtubs for Enchantments

Whoever said that unusual bathtubs are not cool should definitely take back their words. I have seen some showcases where the bathtubs are in different shapes that are not usual. However, instead of thinking that these bathtubs are weird, they ended up being enchanting and fascinating. In fact, the whole bathroom seems way more special just because of that. The unusual aspect of the bathtubs just adds to charms to…

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Modern Corner Whirlpools Steel Shower Head Rest Ideas

Elegant Corner Bathtubs with Convenience

Bathtubs at corners are nothing uncommon in some homes, but it is a whole different matter with Teuco’s corner bathtubs. Wanting to create something that is not too big but still revolutionizing. For this reason, Teuco designed a whole new different kind of bathtubs at the corners. They are simple but still unique in design and elegant. Moreover, Teuco installed some new technology in his bathtubs, adding more reason to…

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Simple Duravit Wood Panelled Diy Bathtub Bathroom Furniture Design

Convenient Self-Made Bathtub and How to Build It

The world of self-made bathtub and related things like that has been made easier now all thanks to Duravit. With their professional working ethic that makes them survive for more than two hundred years creating bathroom furniture set, Duravit now has created an east Do-It-Yourself bathtub where the customer can create his own bathtub without having to call for professional help whatsoever. I am sure buying the DIY bathtub by…

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Inspiring Baths Bathtubs Ideas Bathroom Maroon Design

Unique Bathtubs as Ornaments

Do not be mistaken about bathtubs, because they are important aspects of the bathrooms also. I mean, this is the whole reason why designers designed the tubs into unique shapes and unique colors. Sure, the tubs can be plain and normal looking, but trust me, having unique tubs will definitely make the bathroom loo different, revamping the bathroom into a whole new level by itself. Having unique tubs will definitely…

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Foto Johannes Van Assem

Simple Armchair Bathtub without Simplicity

I bet not many people have heard of such thing as armchair bathtub? Of course, that would make sense. Even though such bathtubs do exist, people will not know much about it because of the little amount of furniture with that kind of design. To make sure that people know what I am talking about, I am going to talk about furniture with armchair. What is a bathtub with armchair…

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