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Black Table Glass Mosaic Glass Bathroom

Fresh Bathroom Tiles for Great Changes

The world of bathroom tiles will never be the same again. This is the work of no other than Glassdecor, a company from Spain that specializes in tiles for bathrooms and glass decorations. Glassdecor created a new kind of tiles for bathrooms that are definitely refreshing and new. Trust me; having these tiles in the bathrooms will create a whole new kind of look and freshness that will turn the…

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Cool White Sink Colourful Children Bwathroom Unique Design

Stylish Children’s Bathroom for Every Kid

Who says that children’s bathroom cannot be stylish and colorful? Those who said that should definitely take a look at Laufen’s bathroom designs, because their statements are proven wrong by Laufen. Laufen combined simple things from every bathroom for children and create a simple but unique design out of those things. Trust me, seeing the bathrooms by Laufen will never be regretted. Simple Children’s Bathroom with Style The first thing…

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Beautiful White Corner Whirlpools Technology Design

Elegant Corner Bathtubs with Convenience

Bathtubs at corners are nothing uncommon in some homes, but it is a whole different matter with Teuco’s corner bathtubs. Wanting to create something that is not too big but still revolutionizing. For this reason, Teuco designed a whole new different kind of bathtubs at the corners. They are simple but still unique in design and elegant. Moreover, Teuco installed some new technology in his bathtubs, adding more reason to…

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Contemporary Bathroom Fixture By Toto Small Bath Shower Home Design Ideas

Charming Bathroom Fixture for Relaxing Bathrooms

Many people underestimate bathroom fixture, but little do they know that they give some of the greatest impacts in bathrooms. Not many realize this, but fixture on the bathrooms are literally everywhere in the bathroom. Well, they are fixture after all, so they can be seen on the walls, floors, and other basic places for every room. For this reason, I am going to give some great examples of fixtures…

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White Wall White Wooden Ceiling Taj Exotica Maldives

Secluded Taj Exotica Resort for Calmness of Maldives

Remembering the exotic and grand location of Maldives, Taj Exotica Resort did something that other resorts have never done before. It is no other than creating total private villas separately on the separate parts of the resort, creating “houses” for the guests and their private moments. How is this different Unlike the other resorts, the private “rooms” are created in the form of “houses” where every need of the guests…

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Fascinating Bathtub  Bathroom Picture White Flooring Toilet Window

Inspiring Unusual Bathtubs for Enchantments

Whoever said that unusual bathtubs are not cool should definitely take back their words. I have seen some showcases where the bathtubs are in different shapes that are not usual. However, instead of thinking that these bathtubs are weird, they ended up being enchanting and fascinating. In fact, the whole bathroom seems way more special just because of that. The unusual aspect of the bathtubs just adds to charms to…

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Beautiful Black Bathtub Design Revamping The Bathroom

Unique Bathtubs as Ornaments

Do not be mistaken about bathtubs, because they are important aspects of the bathrooms also. I mean, this is the whole reason why designers designed the tubs into unique shapes and unique colors. Sure, the tubs can be plain and normal looking, but trust me, having unique tubs will definitely make the bathroom loo different, revamping the bathroom into a whole new level by itself. Having unique tubs will definitely…

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