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White Curtains Green Wall Brown Wooden Flooring

Luxurious Vacation Villa with Amazing View

Several months ago, I visited Bali and I was staying in a great Vacation Villa which is located in Bali. When I arrived at the first time in Bali, the first place I went was the Villa. It is caused I have gotten an information that the villa that I was stating in was a luxurious villa for vacation which is equipped with green surroundings and amazing view. It was…

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Large Sliding Glass Door In What Is Inspiring House Design In The Forest With Black Wall And Glass Window Also Wood Balcony With Glass Railings And Flat Roof Plus Green Trees

Cozy House in the Forest for Relaxing Getaway

Many people not just build their getaway home at the mountain or beach, but some usually choose to build a house in the forest that also has a great view to be seen. You can see the Alta House in Mexico from AS/D Asociacion de Diseno that overlooks the mountain and the distant mountains. This house also blends perfectly with the surrounding and absolutely has fresh air that is complete…

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Modern Minimalist Sams Creek House Design For Exterior

Gorgeous Contemporary House with Outsmart Ideas

Modern but has ouch of natural element is the theme of this contemporary house. Located in vast area, this house is fall in love with Mahogany wooden element. The house is covered in Mahogany wooden plank including walls, floors and ceiling. While the other area that is not covered with wood is replace with glasses. Like most modern houses in the western world, this house has flat roof to minimizing…

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Triangular Balcony Glass Railing Geometric Architectural Building Natural Rock Landscape

Three Story Manor House Built with Open Plan Concept

I need to see my boss in her house to give emergency report dealing with business. I have never visited her three story manor house before that is why I am impressed of large house that stands in front of me. This house is built around hill presenting freshening landscape. Rocks around front yard and backyard increase natural landscape. It is modern house built with glass accents here and there….

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Wooden Decoration For Ceiling And Stair With Steel Railing And Glass Banister With Wall Bookshelves

From Old House into a Sustainable Home

Old building restoration isn’t necessarily needs to keep everything like the original condition. Unless it is an architectural heritage which is protected by the law, restoration project can turn old building in to more functional building with modern touch. We can learn this from renovation project of a federation home in Mosman, Australia. The owner wants to makeover the existing house into Eco-friendly home and with strong value of sustainability….

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Awesome Sea Ranch House In 2013 With Wooden Floor And Glass Window White Wall Wooden Cabinet Wooden Drawers Carpet Patterns

Contemporary House Design: Sea Ranch House

Sometimes contemporary house design can be produced by super renovation project. That is what we will see in this stunning sea ranch renovation project. This amazing renovation project is done by Marcus & Willers Architects. The original house is the old sea ranch build in 1965 and now it is become one of the most beautiful contemporary house designs that you can find out there. There are a lot of…

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EHA Family Trust Residence Sustainable Design Round Table

Natural House Design with the Peaceful Place in Wyoming US

Peaceful house design is becoming the needed place for the people who want to life freely. I feel the peaceful feeling when I stay in this Natural House Design. Completed with the natural house design, I become very amazed when I see this amazing scenery from this house. The scenery of this house is very amazing. It is caused by the small forest and the beautiful mountain located behind the…

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