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Awesome Google Offices Tel Aviv Wooden Materials

Google Office Design the Amazing Office Design in Tel Aviv

As everybody knows, Google is the giant company in this world. The office is spread in almost every country in this world. One of the offices is in Tel Aviv Israel. This Google office is very interesting. Comes with the colorful design of this office, it also will make the people who visit the Google’s office feel very interested in this office design. This Google Office Design is designed by…

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Great Modern Aquarium Kitchen Wooden Floor White Corner Cupboard

Fascinating Modern Aquarium Kitchen as Brilliant Kitchen Decoration

My husband asks me to join party held in his boss’ house. He says that his boss will present surprising event in this party. Finally, we get his boss’ house located nearby this town. I love house design applied here which sticks put modern flair. Whole interior is arranged in modern style. Open plan living space in this house arouses spacious and bright visualization over room. I see impressive sight…

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Unique Crinkled Wall Extension By Wiesflecker Architecture And Karl Heinz Klopf

Crinkled Wall as the Uprising Generation of School Design

Maybe it seems so odd when you hear that a school, that is a place for study, has a unique and strange in its building design. But, since the time passes by and everything changes, it is not impossible for a building such a school to has an attractive building concept that can either attract student’s attention or give them the freedom feeling to express their ability in school. One…

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