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Comfortable Brown Sofa Chair With Big Flat Screen TV Brown Fur Rug And Panels Mild Local Lighting And Mirror Glossy Black Glazed Table For Unique Living Room Interior Design

Unique Living Room Interior for the Musicians’ Family

Making a design for people with specific profession will be quite difficult. People usually like to make their room suitable with their profession. As for a musician, having a comfortable living room will be interesting. In this room, they want to be able to play their instrument with all the family members in comfort. Accepting the challenge, the creative team of Geometrix Design is making the eccentric living room interior…

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Awesome Google Offices Tel Aviv Wooden Materials

Google Office Design the Amazing Office Design in Tel Aviv

As everybody knows, Google is the giant company in this world. The office is spread in almost every country in this world. One of the offices is in Tel Aviv Israel. This Google office is very interesting. Comes with the colorful design of this office, it also will make the people who visit the Google’s office feel very interested in this office design. This Google Office Design is designed by…

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