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Purple Quilt Laminate Flooring Sectional Table Lamp Colorful Pillow Cases

Enchanting Classic Design in Wood

Many think that classic design is something that is old-fashioned because of the common use of traditional furniture, but Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos proved that classical can be modern too. Diaz y Diaz merged the two contradicting styles of traditional and modern by having a bridge between them. That bridge is no other than wood. Through wood, Diaz y Diaz created a great modern classical style that is easy and…

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Scandinavian Bedroom Design With Grey Duvet And White Wall And White Ceiling Also Traditional White Glass Windows Completed With Wooden Flooring

Stylish Modern Scandinavian Apartment Bring Your Living as High as the Sky

Now we will talk about Scandinavia style, modern Scandinavian apartment identical with white interior, open area, huge, make room stylist bright with sun shine. Penthouse apartment is one of apartment which use Scandinavian design with use contemporary design, this apartment have marvelous managing room dimension that make this apartment look so elegant, plus some furniture which composes few room in this apartment. With fifth floor this apartment becomes unbelievable building,…

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