Stylist and Modern Hotel Design that You Have to Visit in Rotterdam

Black Cabinet With Art Work And Books For Room Divider Details

This modern hotel design is very stylist and shows how great Rotterdam creates its modern design. Here, we have some pictures about this modern and stylist hotel which looks very luxurious and elegant. Do you want to know? Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, we can see how cool the room is dominated in white and red color combination. The floor is made from marble materials in grey color that looks so suitable if it is combined with furniture which is applied in the room. The sofa has black color with white and red color pillows put on it. There is a black wooden rack is put near by the black sofa. Here, you can freely spend your day with your friends. This is an incredible modern hotel design ideas.

There are also wooden materials in brown color that you can see from the picture. The long wooden table looks great and cool with stylist design. When you spend your time here, you will feel like spending your time in a classy bar with your friends. Behind the black wooden rack which is placed near by the living room, you can see stylist coffee table complete with the sofas near by the black walls with green trees on it. The hotel looks cool and stylist, right? It makes us feel like want to spend longer here.

When you come to the hotel, indeed you will see the bedroom. The bedroom is very cool and clean. Look at the picture. The bedroom is covered in white bed cloth with a very nice view that you can see through the glass window. Now, you don’t feel hesitate to come and stay one night, here, right? Modern hotel design pictures like these will hopefully give inspiration for you to choose a comfortable hotel in Rotterdam.

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