Stylish Lycabettus Penthouse for a Stylish Living

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Lycabettus Penthouse is a living proof that minimalist penthouses can be modern and stylish also. Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour, the masterminds of the penthouse that was helped by ese Studio, created the perfect penthouse that is stylish and harmonious. This can clearly be seen in the amount of furniture, the positions of the furniture, the colors of the furniture – everything contributes to the stylish and harmonious aspects of the penthouse. Trust me, living in this penthouse will definitely be worth it.

Style and Harmony in Lycabettus Penthouse

The combination of style and harmony in Lycabettus Penthouse by ese Studio is visible in every corner of the penthouse. Man, it can be seen on the walls and the floor of the penthouse already. Even though the walls are in plain white, some of the sides are decked with woods carved with vertical pattern on it, creating a unique contrast on the color difference between the two contradicting colors. The floor is made of wood colored in light or pale brown, the bridge between white and dark brown that neutralizes everything. The color scheme is something simple, but it made everything in the penthouse look better.

How can the furniture contribute to the greatness of the penthouse then? They are positioned strategically to create a spacious feeling without making it look too obvious. The couch that is colored in cream, for example, is located at a corner of the penthouse, while the paired coffee tables have slim designs colored in black and white. Simple but enchanting decorations such as the round brown fossil-like stones are also decking the penthouse here and there, enchanting the penthouse ambiance through its unique but natural simplicity. If one part of the penthouse is already like that, imagine how the rest would be!

Lycabettus Residence and Harmonious Days

Trust me, living in this residence would give the relaxation that is always wanted by many people. The spacious ambiance will give the residents room to breathe, while the color scheme of the penthouse will make the residents feel more at home. There is also the fresh garden that can always be seen easily through the glass doors. These advantages that can be gotten in the modern Lycabettus Residence by ese Studio gives it more reason to be picked among other penthouses.

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