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Those who wants to have eclectic apartment but are too afraid to do that because of the fear of clashing materials should definitely look at an apartment in Norrmalm. When normal apartments decided to use a single material for the apartments, the designer of this certain apartment decided to be different and use eclectic style instead. The result is a magnificent apartment with eclectic style that is actually comfortable to be seen.

Different Materials of Eclectic Apartment

Everything about the eclectic apartment in Norrmalm screams eclectic style. The hall that leads to the many rooms of the apartment, for example, has a wall made of concrete and is covered with small tiles. Of course, the colors do match because of the combination of white and brown. The same goes for the dining room of the house. The dining room has black and white tiles, while the wall is in pure white. There are also some times where the wall is replaced with attached drawers and cabinets made with woods in the color of black that are polished already.

Not only is the structure of the building, even the furniture used also in eclectic style. The sofa that is attached to the white wall, for example, is made of soft white embroider material, along with its white pillows. The sofa has a section where in a dining table made of white marble is placed in front of that section to make it a part of the dining table set. Meanwhile, the other chairs are made of woods for the set. The countertops behind the dining table are made of polished wooden material in the color of black, but the top of the countertops are made of marble. The odd combination of kitchen utilities and books can also be seen from the white shelves of the kitchen that is placed on top of the countertops and the hanged kitchen utilities.

Eclectic Apartment’s Charm

Every corner of the apartment is decked like the description above. The difference of materials is what makes this apartment charming though. The designer managed to successfully fuse all the different materials through the perfect color scheme, creating a great eclectic style for the apartment. Now the awesome eclectic apartment in Norrmalm is proud proof that eclectic style should not be feared but should be explored.

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