Stylish Colorful Apartment Made in a Modern and Simple Design

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Interior design of a modern apartment can be made in a stylish impression by applying a concept and design of colorful apartment such applied in a project of Colorful and Diverse Small Apartment in Kiev by Rina Lovko. This apartment concept is made perfectly by freshome Design & Architecture that collaborates with Rina Lovko to create a modern and simple design of apartment interior design that has a colorful theme.

Colorful theme of apartment interior in this project is created by applying colorful design of single sofa that has a comfortable impression in living room of the apartment design. Besides, decoration of wall that uses art painting picture wall decoration that has colorful impression is also applied perfectly in this living room. Actually, it will be able to create a colorful theme of an apartment interior that has artistic impression. It is as colorful apartment decor that is so simple and interested to be applied.

Blue, red, and white color design of modern single sofas are applied together in an apartment interior so it will be able to decorate apartment interior to be more perfect in its appearance. Simple and unique design of wooden desk is also applied to complete design of simple and modern furniture used in the living room. Dining room is also made together with living room by applying simple and futuristic design of dining furniture set that had been modified in modern style.

Futuristic design of hanged lamp that is placed properly above dining room desk will be able to look more interested to be combined with design of flower decoration that is used to decorate dining room desk in order to look more beautiful in its appearance. Interior mirror design is also applied beside dining room so it will give a special impression of a small colorful apartment concept in order to look larger. Soft color design is applied perfectly such home decor color scheme in this apartment project.

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