Stylish Bayside Residence with Spacious Design

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It only makes sense for Bayside Residence to be stylish. After all, it is located in one of the most famous places in the whole, and it is no other than the busy New York of America. The residence has a style that is not only amazing but also spacey because the designer designed the house so that the house cans fir for three generations. Yes, the design and style of the house makes the house the perfect place for family with lots of family members.

Bayside Residence’s Comfortable Design

Really, the Bayside Residence in New York definitely has a design that will take in every members of the household with comfort. The spacious and comfortable ambiances of the residence can already be seen from the residence’s exterior design. The house has an exterior design made of dark-colored wood for a comforting rustic ambiance, and it is completed with the fresh green garden that is located at the front of the house. The small garden is definitely not a problem, since the other part of the outside section is covered with mini grass that makes the house looks fresher.

However, the spacious design is definitely at its max in the interior design of the house. This can be seen from the house’s design that has high ceiling, and most part of the house is painted with the color white. The furniture of the house also supports the spacey ambiance by having the color brown, gray, and white, decking the furniture. Everything, from the brown tables and chairs to the white couches, contribute to the spacey feeling of the house. Of course, there are some colorful aspects of the house, such as the colorful polka dot wall meant for children. Yep, everything in this house is spacey.

Everybody Fits in Bayside Residence

As it can be seen, the house has everything that is needed for those with tons of family members in their household. The house is spacey enough for lots of people to fit inside it, and the residence also has a design that is stylish enough for it to be boasted for many people. With such spacey design that is also fashionable, what more should be asked from the amazing Bayside Residence in New York?

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