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Comfy Small Apartment Bright Elegant Small Apartment

Having a creative design of Small Apartment can be my inspiration. It is caused by I have a plan to buy a new apartment. I thought by looking for a great inspiration first about the apartment in small size, will ease me in designing my new apartment to be. Therefore, I was really lucky when my best friend invited me to visit her apartment which is designed in a small size. I thought it can be a great inspiration for me because she told me that her apartment is really good and it is also equipped with a great interior design as well.

Unique Lighting in Small Apartment

At the first time I entered that Small Apartment design, I saw there is a great and modern interior design in her apartment. The first thing I saw in that apartment is the living room which is equipped with only a set of comfortable sofa and two unique small square chairs. There are six cushions in that living room. The living is also equipped with unique lighting. That unique lighting comes from the small lamp. However, there is an extraordinary thing of that lamp. That is about the position.

The position is on the corner of the living room and it towards the sofa. After I enjoyed the living room, I moved to the other side of that apartment and I found a kitchen. The kitchen is full of modern kitchen appliances and modern interior. They are induction hob, oven, kitchen cabinet, kitchen sink, and several green decorations from plants. My best friend cooked a meal for us to have a dinner. After she cooked the meal, she prepared it in the dining table which is located nearby the kitchen.

Romantic Dining Room in Small Apartment

The dining table is very romantic because there is no special lighting but two candles. Because it was night, I planned to sleep. My best friend told me the location of the bedroom. It is the smallest bedroom that I have ever seen. Nevertheless, her bedroom is equipped with great decoration. It makes the bedroom becomes more interesting. In the bedroom of  Small Apartment Design Ideas, the material which is used for the floor as the wooden material.

Comfy Small Apartment Bright Living Room Rug Carpets

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Comfy Small Apartment For White Kitchen Area

Comfy Small Apartment Living Room Front Area

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