Stunning Riverside Penthouse in London

Astonishing Grey Floor Balcon Outside Scenery Of Thames River Outdoor Furniture

Have vast view to the river is the greatest advantage of this riverside penthouse. Located on the side of Thames River, this penthouse is in the ninth and tenth floor building. I love being outside in the terrace, sitting in the lazy chair where I can feel the fresh air and the river view while chatter with family and friends. Not only sitting in the lazy chair, we also can have dinner in the outdoor dining table while enjoying night view from the top of the penthouse.

Enjoying Riverside Penthouse

You are not only can enjoy the riverside penthouse scenery outside, but also from inside the penthouse. From the living room you can enjoy the outside scenery of Thames River and Chelsea Embankment since it has huge floor to ceiling windows surrounded the room. The great part is, when you did not like too much light nor needed more privacy, you can close the windows through automatic blinds. Look at this picture you will not miss any entertainment since there is a gigantic TV hang above from the ceiling.

To embrace the light, almost all room has white basic colors either is for the walls, ceilings and even furniture. This white color gives the penthouse look very bright, clean and spacious. To give warmer look, this penthouse use dark wooden plank as the flooring. The dark color also applies in the dining table and dining chairs that also can be used as conference table. A red wall size painting is place on the side of dining area.

Luxury in Riverside Penthouse

The owner has the passion for books. That is why on the other side of the room there is wall size book shelf to accommodate the owner’s need. The bookshelf is put next to the working or study table where there also a couple of couch in that area. Take a closer look on these pictures and you will see total luxury that will mesmerize you. The lux impression is shown not only with the top to bottom glass window size that surround the room, the chosen color of the walls, but also with the carefully chosen of furniture around. The riverside penthouse design is to enhance the outside beauty of the river and implement it with total luxury.

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