Stunning Moment in Miniature Paradise of Maldives

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If you are dreaming on having the miniature paradise in the world, you can just go to Angsana Velavaru resort which is located in the area of Maldives right now. This is the resort that has a very wonderful scene so that we can easily spend our holiday time in this place. From the language, this roof Angsana Velavaru means the Turtle Island. It is the resort that is fully surrounded by the blue water. The ocean is so beautiful. We will see the blue ocean water with the clean environment in this place. It is the place which is being recommended in being used by the people who would like to get the fabulous moment of holiday.

Miniature Paradise in Maldives

Here I have some pictures which show about the natural scene of the resort. We will see that there are so many fishes which are jumping in the water easily. In the very short distance from the Turtle Island miniature paradise, we will get amused with the beautiful view of the cobalt blue water feature. This is the thing that always attracts people to visit this place again and again. This place is recommended to be visited by the new married couple who have the strong willingness to create such a best moment of them in the honeymoon time.

Best Moment in Miniature Paradise

The feature of the tropical island is becoming the best feature that creates the island looks so stunning. Besides, the thing that makes this resort becomes special is on the existence of the picturesque lagoon area in the south area of the island. In the evening, we will also be able to get the moment on having the sunset moment in this area as well. This would bring the romance moment with our couples easily. The island is suitable to be visited by those who have the adventurous feeling in having a challenging holiday.

In this place, we will feel some moment such as having the quality time together with our spouses. Besides, we can also see the beautiful coral reefs combination that would create the beautiful sightseeing in the area. There are more than 70 villas that are built within this area. We will also be able to play with the dolphin here. This place is truly becoming the best destination for people who want to see the miniature of heaven in the earth. Besides, the beautiful Turtle Island miniature paradise will amuse us with the fabulous scene overall.

Amazing Tourism Island Blue Ocean View Fresh Greenery Comfort Beach Resort

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Amazing tourism island Blue ocean view Fresh greenery Comfort beach resort
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Abstract wall mural Contemporary table lamp Black furniture Modern bed
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Hanging day bed Inspiring ocean water Wooden deck Yellow pillows
Wooden deck Beach parasols Round white table Wooden arm chairs
Chaise lounge chairs Wooden deck Palm trees Thatched roof
Fantastic ocean view Maldives island White sand Comfort resort
Wooden deck Classy swimming pool Fascinating beach view Hanging day bed
Shallow ocean Small boat Maldives island Long rope
Maldives island Shallow ocean Yellow paddles Artificial rafts
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Incredible putdoor lights Romantic dining set Beautiful sunset Outdoor kitchen island
Blue ocean view Wooden deck Inspiring outdoor lights Curve architectural building
Sophisticated infinity pool Wooden railing Warm lighting Outdoor furniture


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