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I have a friend who is an interior designer and he has designed many Modern Kitchen designs for many luxurious home livings. I was always invited to visit the results of his project. I remember when he invited for the first time to visit contemporary kitchen design which is equipped with green decoration. At the first time I arrived in that cotemporary kitchen design, I was amazed by the luxurious interior design in his kitchen. In his contemporary kitchen, I saw there are many modern kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Appliances in Modern Kitchen

They are kitchen sink, range hood, induction hob, kitchen cabinet, as well as microwave in the Modern Kitchen design. From those kitchen appliances, I was really interested in the kitchen cabinet in that kitchen. It is caused by my friend has designed it well and he also applied the modern kitchen cabinet. Besides that, the location of the kitchen cabinet is very good as well. That kitchen is also equipped with the wooden material. The wooden material in that kitchen looks much better in that kitchen.

I was really sure that the kitchen looks more interesting because of the existence of the wooden material in that kitchen. I also remember at the second time I was invited by my friend to visit the result of his project. This time, the kitchen that he has designed was the simple design. The kitchen that he has designed was a modern one which is equipped with wooden material. That is a very interesting kitchen design. However, there is something extraordinary that I found in that kitchen design.

Simple Design in Modern Kitchen

That is about the existence of the bookshelves in that contemporary kitchen design. Besides that, that kitchen also looks great and much better with the usage of the glass wall on the one side of the walling unit in that kitchen. The usage of that glass material allows people in that kitchen to see the surroundings of the kitchen. I was really amazed to the kitchen design in that house. I was really inspired to have such Modern Kitchen Design Ideas like that in my modern home living to be.

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