Stunning Modern Bachelor Pad in Hong Kong

Acrylic Chairs Fake Flower Dark Dining Table Bachelor Pad

Normally people want to have a homey residential place. This is also normally true even for apartment. However, as for being owned by a single owner who favors a lot of travelling, this particular small apartment is designed to resemble a suite hotel room instead. This modern bachelor pad is very small in space. Thus, it requires a lot of thought in the designing process to make every tiny space counts. The result is a bachelor pad whose compactness provides a great functionality of its interior presentation, of course without abandoning the beauty value of the aesthetics.

The Layout Arrangement of the Modern Bachelor Pad Bedroom

As has been mentioned before, this small apartment or bachelor pad is really compact in design. In order to inspect the magnificence of its compactness, checking out how the bedroom looks like is a good thing. The bedroom itself is not big, and as the architects from Clifton Leung design workshop remark, it is built to resemble the interior design of a hotel suite room. This also goes for the rest of the rooms inside this elegant modern compact apartment.

The bedroom has a layout of mostly white color. The white color is assigned to the wall and the ceiling. The floor, on the other hand, features a woody look by having wooden planks of dark brown color installed beneath the feet. There are two windows gracing the bedroom. Each is located in different side of the wall. A centerpiece furnishing item of bed can be seen gracing the most central part of the living room. The bed is essentially simple. The framework is made of wood featuring similar color with the floor. It also features cream color sheet. At the wall directly across from the bed, a long table that serves as the place to put players and television as well as a study table, is positioned.

Artistic Decoration inside the Modern Bachelor Pad

There is one particular interesting fact of this apartment. It is the featuring of many artistic works, especially painting, on the wall. This is especially done to further reinforce the suite hotel room image and to add an aesthetical touch to the established functional compact apartment design. An example would be a sketch of a dog inside a bedroom, and a magnificent colorful painting of traditional dancer hanging around the apartment corridor.

Artistic Wall Mural Bachelor Pad Modern Door Handle Electric Switch

Artistic Wall Mural Dark Dining Table Bachelor Pad Fresh Flower

Artistic Wall Mural Dark Floor Tile Bachelor Pad Backsplash Light

Bachelor Pad Artistic Wall Mural Dark Floor Tile Ceiling Light

Bachelor Pad Backsplash Light Modern Toilet Porcelain Basin

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Washing machine Wine bottles Bachelor pad Dark drawers
Bachelor pad Blacksplash light Dark dining table Range hood
Dark venetian blind Bachelor pad Innovative wall hook
Dark floor tile Kitchen backsplash Bachelor pad Range hood
Dark floor tiles Venetian blind Wall hook Bachelor pad
Modern bed Laminate flooring Dark wardrobe Bachelor pad
Soft nightlight Dark bed headboard Bachelor pad Swivel chair
Glossy bathroom furniture Bachelor pad Hidden light Porcelain bath tub
White bath tub Towel rail Shower curtain Bachelor pad
Bachelor pad White fur rug Leather sofa Beanbag sofa
Artistic wall mural Dark floor tile Bachelor pad Backsplash light
Artistic wall mural Bachelor pad Modern door handle Electric switch
Sectional table lamp Bachelor pad Dark desk Hidden light
Wooden floor Dark drawer Cream quilt Bachelor pad
Bachelor pad Artistic wall mural Dark floor tile Ceiling light
Black wardrobe Dark floor tiles  Bachelor pad Hidden light
Mixer tap Bachelor pad Modern basin Hidden light
Lacquered wood dor Bachelor pad Dark floor Hidden light
Range hood Wine bottles Bachelor pad Dark kitchen drawer
Modern bed Artistic painting Hidden light Bachelor pad
Metallic hinge Bachelor pad Dark floor Spacious living space
Dark floor tile Dark kitchen furniture Backsplash light Bachelor pad
Wooden floor Bachelor pad Elegant bed Dark bedside table
Acrylic chairs Fake flower Dark dining table Bachelor pad
Black drawers Bachelor pad Wooden floor Metallic hinge
Bachelor pad Backsplash light Modern toilet Porcelain basin
Wooden drawers Stainless steel cutlery Bachelor pad Dark floor tiles
Dark floor tiles Bachelor pad Glossy kitchen appliances Hidden light
Hidden light Bachelor pad Wooden floor Black swivel chair
Bachelor pad Hidden light Dark sideboard Sectional table lamp
Artistic wall mural Dark dining table Bachelor pad Fresh flower
Glossy dining table Hidden light Bachelor pad Precious glassware
Beanbag sofa White fur rug Bachelor pad Dark coffee tables


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