Stunning Minimalist Apartment Decorated in White for Spacious View

Grey Sofa White Wall Bookcase

When I walk around Beirut, Lebanon I meet with my ex-boyfriend. To have a chat longer, he suggests me to come into his Minimalist Apartment. He says that he has stayed in this apartment for three years. Bright white interior of this apartment results peace and tranquility. Whole breadboard is painted in white and so is ceiling. Wall lights enlighten this living space freely. There are two ant chairs in cream color set on this room. Curve architecture of building makes this apartment differs from common apartment. Laminate flooring creates sleek view when I get into this living space.

Bright Minimalist Apartment

He takes me into living room polished in white. Then I find a beautiful art painting on canvas. I realize that he is a talented artist who is able to draw impressive picture. This beautiful sketch adorns bright white living room. There is bookcase where a large number of books stored in this long white shelf. Ceiling light results cool lighting effect that makes this room look more sparkling. On this white shelf, there is sectional table lamp with white lamp shade. There are two tripolina chairs in brown color. Small tulip table in white color is set nearby tripolina chairs. Of course this Minimalist Apartment living space is furnished with modern furniture to adjust contemporary ideas applied here.

Peaceful Sight of Minimalist Apartment

There is modern TV setup in this living room to provide entertainment. Modern grey sofa in this room is furnished with colorful sofa cushions. Spacious living space in this apartment is because there is no wall partition that borders each living space. I see wooden dining table which is accompanied with white acrylic chairs. Kitchen island is in glossy white melds with white kitchen design. There is gold range hood, gold faucet and gold basin in this kitchen island.

I like peaceful atmosphere in this apartment which is full of bright white decoration. White pillars around living room seem so tough. Glass doors and glass bay windows in this apartment are concealed by white drapes. But I appreciate of rustic wooden dining table where glossy fruit bowl is set on it. Bedroom is also supplied with glass wall to create cool Minimalist Apartment living space.

Small Bedroom Grey Bed White Floor

White Cabinets Glass Door And White Ceiling

White Floor White Wall Mural Bookcase

White Wall Brown Chairs Grey Floor

White Wall White Rack Mural

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