Stunning Kitchen Design for a Small Space

Compact Modern Kitchen With Laminated Wood And Fresh Dining Furniture

It is just natural when someone did not have a large space for their kitchen. For the kitchen with small space, suitable kitchen design is needed. Utilize each space in the small kitchen is needed to make the kitchen equipments are placed there. Actually, there are many small kitchen ideas which you can use as your inspiration. With those ideas, deciding the best one for your kitchen will be easier.

One of the interesting ideas which you can see is this kitchen with brown and grey themed. In this kitchen, the shelves and is made in the brown color. This L-shaped kitchen is using the grey marble on top of it. There is also a wooden kitchen island with same theme with this kitchen area. Gray stools are placed beside the island. The hardwood floor makes this brown kitchen more interesting. There are many kitchen design ideas which you can use as the inspiration too.

The other interesting is the grey colored kitchen. White and blue shelves are placed inside this kitchen. It is placed on the white painted wall. A grey island with glossy white tile is filling the center space of this kitchen. Near the kitchen, there are some wooden chairs with gray lather on it. Grey fluffy sofa is also placed there. The colored cushions are placed in the sofa. White oval table is located in the center of the chairs and sofa. Under the table, chairs and sofa you can see the gray rug. It makes the hardwood floor more appealing.

Above the tables and sofa, there is a rounded white lamp hanging on the wooden ceiling. A grey fire place is also available near the chairs. Large glazed windows make this kitchen clear up. You can enjoy the outside view from this window. Using this kitchen design minimalist as the idea for your small kitchen will make you more comfortable.

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