Stunning Casa Cubo with Unique Interior Design

Astonishing Interior Design Open Dining Room With View Pillar Big Half Round Lamp

I had a very good experience about the modern design of Casa Cubo which is located in Brazil. That residence is very amazing because I have ever had a very good moment when I was in my vacation in Brazil with my beloved girlfriend. Actually, it began when I have to choose the best home stay for me and my wife when I was in Brazil during my vacation. Luckily I found a very good home stay. That is a Cubo. In that residence, I found many interesting things. They are including the architecture and the interior design.

Great View from Casa Cubo

Actually, at the first time I arrived in front of that house, I was so interested in the exterior design and the surroundings of the house. After I entered the gate of that house Casa Cubo Residence, on the outside, I saw there is a very good swimming pool. Nearby the swimming pool, there is also a very good lounge. The lounge is also equipped with the comfortable seating unit. That is a very good lounge design in a modern home living. After I enjoyed the exterior and he surroundings of the house, I was also interested in the interior design of the house.

It is caused there is a roof floor which is designed very well and people who are on that roof floor will be able to see the scenery of the surroundings. Therefore, I was so interested in enjoying the view from that spot. There is one more interesting thing that I got from that roof floor. That was about the flooring unit. The flooring of that roof floor uses the wooden material. It is a very good flooring unit.

Modern Interior Design of Casa Cubo

After I enjoyed the view from the roof floor, I entered the house again in order to enjoy the living room atmosphere from that house. I was so interested because it has a modern interior design. In that living room, there is a very good decoration; they are including the lighting and the furnishings. Because it was night, I decided to sleep on the bedroom of the Casa Cubo Luxury Residence with my beloved wife.

Astounding Home Design Original Wooden Wallgood Decoration White Chair

Awesome Exterior Design Purple Living Room Simple Standing Lamp Brown Carpet

Beautiful Home Furniture Design Purple Sofa Grey Chairs Comfortable Seating Unit

Breathtaking Furniture Design Round Sofa Glass Windows Modern Home Living

Brilliant Luxury Residence Unique Carpet White Ceiling Best Home Stay Lounge

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