Stunning and Romantic Island of Velassaru Maldives

Peaceful Bright Sky Wonderful Beach Scenery Ripple Ocean Water Shiny Clouds

The wonderful and elegant moment of holiday would be felt easily by staying at Velassaru Maldives right now. This is the private island that we can rent as well. It is becoming the special beach because it has the fabulous moment of the white beach which is surrounded the ocean. The thing that leads this private island becomes well known is because it provides the possibility for people in order to rent it easily. The beautiful ocean is clearly seen if we visit this private island right now. This private island is located in the Maldives. All people know that Maldives is the island that has so many wonderful beaches so that it is called as the paradise in the earth.

Velassaru Maldives and Its Fabulous Moment

Here I have some pictures about the sky and ocean view that can be seen from this place. This is the luxurious place for people who would like to stay for their holiday time. Besides, this island is also composed with the side panorama that is being provided in the villa. This luxurious Velassaru Maldives is located between the area of the sky and also the ocean. That is why we can call this place as the paradise. Its architecture is being inspired from the local architecture design that shows about the natural indulgence. Many people visit this island every year in order to view that beautiful view over this area.

Velassaru Maldives and Its Beautiful View

We will surely get our best inspiration by visiting this place. It provides also the pure luxury of the ocean. We will be able to see this fabulous view easily. The motto of this resort rests on the concept of living in our own world, but we ought to be playing with them. Many people go to this place because they would like to get the inspiration for the better life. They feel comfortable in staying in this villa. It has the very wonderful view that makes people stayed in this place longer than the common place. The paradise of this beach is making this place to become wonderful.
We would be able to sit next to the sea by seeing the beautiful ocean view. It is mostly surrounded by the palm tree that has a very unique and also rapid composition. Besides, for those who love adventure, you can also try some facilities which are provided there such as the snorkeling feature and also the yoga pavilion area. Those are the most favorite destinations that make people are interested to visit and to see the luxurious Velassaru Maldives view with their family or friend.

Precious Night Beach View Traditional Cottage Warm Lighting Thatched Roofs

Private Island White Sand Convenient Beach Resort Precious Beach View

Relaxing Sunset View Infinity Pool White Beach Parasol Cozy Chaise Lounge Chairs

Round Glass Coffee Table Rattan Egg Chair Colorful Sofa Cushions Tube Floor Lamp

Shiny Marble Floor  Romantic Floor Lamp Glass Door Square Dining Tables

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Shiny marble floor  Romantic floor lamp Glass door Square dining tables
Contemporary floor lamp Sloping loft White drapes Light blue egg chairs
Stunning sunset Impressive beach scenery White beach parasols Comfort resort
Wooden floor Cool TV setup Dark glass coffee table Stylish egg chair
Elegant chaise lounge chairs Shady beach parasol Wooden deck Inspiring exterior pool
Bright white sand Wooden reck chairs Rustic canopy Fascinating beach view
Unique coffee table Chaise lounge chairs Deep ocean view Classic pool tile
Modern bed Warm wall light Artistic bed headboard Wooden sloping loft
Maldives island Beautiful beach scenery Luxurious resort Mezmerising vacation object
Chaise lounge chairs Stripes pillow cases Wooden deck Adorable ocean view
Great infinity pool Mezmerising beach scenery Beach parasol Soft  lighting
Stripes upholstered sofa Ethnic pattern quilt Open plan bedroom Sparkling wall decoration
Private island White sand Convenient beach resort Precious beach view
Glass railing White bed sofa Box coffee table Stylish beadboard
Stunning beach view Inspiring infinity pool Thatched roof patio Box coffee table
Stripe sofa cushions Dark glass coffee table Unique sofas Classy glassware
Chaise lounge chairs White sands Leafy shrubs Rustic beach cottage
Stripes pillow cases White chaise lounge chairs Wooden table Ceramic teapot
Modern chaise lounge chairs Large infinity pool Coconut trees Convenient beach resort
Wooden deck Chaise lounge chairs Preety beach view Stripes sofa cushions
Relaxing sunset view Infinity pool White beach parasol Cozy chaise lounge chairs
Block paved path Fresh greenery White porcelain bath tub Gloomy wall light
Modern bed Classic table lamp Glass bay  windows Shiny wooden floor
Wonderful swimming pool Cool beach scenery Thatched roof cottage Chaise lounge chairs
Impressive sunset view Wooden deck Outdoor furniture Wooden railing
Fantastic ocean scenery Infinity pool Chaise lounge chairs Coconut trees
Round glass coffee table Rattan egg chair Colorful sofa cushions Tube floor lamp
Cool exterior pool Freshening ornamental plants Black chaise lounge chairs Traditional gazebo
Circular accent wall ornament Warm table lamps Dark low profile bed Box bedside tables
Amazing ocean view Wooden railing Dark egg chair Contemporary sofa cushions
Dark wood shelf Ceiling fan Classic wall decoration Floral print pillow cases
Soft outdoor lights Wooden dock Thatched roof patio Amazing beach view
Unusual lounge chairs White beach parasol Cool swimming pool Rustic gazebo
Glass door White tablecloth Classy cutlery Delightful cafe
Peaceful bright sky Wonderful beach scenery Ripple ocean water Shiny clouds
Traditional boat Shallow ocean Bright blue sky White sand
Elegant bed Attractive wall decoration White table lamps Fascinating loft bed
Contemporary table lmaps Wooden bed headboard Innovative pillow cases Square bedside table
Fascinating hidden light Sparkling ceiling Illuminous countertop Aglow wall decoration
Precious night beach view Traditional cottage Warm lighting Thatched roofs


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