Spacious H-House for More than One Generation

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H-House is a perfect example of a house where more than one generation can fit in one place. This makes everything more convenient because this way, there is no need to visit many houses in case there are some eventful occasions. Of course, this would mean that the ties among the family members would be better if all of them live in the same house. Since there are many family members inside the same house, the design of the house has to be perfect and flawless, right? Do not worry, because Bang by Min created the perfect house for more than one generation.

Unique Design of H-House

H-House by Bang by Min has such a design where more than one generation can live in the same house. Of course, this cannot be seen from the outer appearance of the house. From the front, the house looks like a stacked house that has three levels. The house also looks modern thanks to the outer appearance that is painted in gray and made of brick. Do not worry about the lack of greenery in the house, because the middle floor of the house is decked with mini garden on the balcony. There is also a mini garden at the back of the house, creating hidden greenery inside the house. This way, the house can look modern while looking eco-friendly at the same time.

Now here is the question: how can more than one generation fit in one house? The trick is done by taking advantage of the house structure. The thing is, the house is not designed horizontally. However, the house is designed vertically. Yes, this means that the house is in the form of three long “blocks” stacked on top of each other. Each generation lives in one floor. This way, the three generations can be close with each other, as each one of them literally lives in top of each other.

H-House for Family Ties

See the greatness of the house design? The house looks small, but it is actually pretty big if it is seen vertically. The house also has a modern design that makes it as stylish as normal houses, or even better than normal houses. The best part, however, is the fact that the generations are “stacked” on each other. If this stylish H-House by Bang by Min has everything, from great physical aspect and mental aspect, what more should be asked from this house?

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