Spacious Blake Home’s Stylish Style

Blake House Spacious Home Grey Pillows White Sofa

Whoever said that spacious means less furniture and no style should take a look at Blake Home. Located in the busy London of England, this house has a stylish modern appearance that will definitely be comfortable for the residents. The amount of the furniture it has is not little, yet the house managed to be spacious and stylish. How is that? I am going to explain some of the tricks the house has.

Simple Colors in Blake Home

What makes Blake Home in England so spacious and comfortable despite of the crowd inside it? The designer has to do some trick with the color schemes, of course! The thing with this house named Blake is that it has a single dominating color with little things here and there with other colors to color it. The dominating color is no other than white! Yep, white is just everywhere in this house. There is no need to worry, because there are other furniture in different colors to make the house less plain and bare.

Just look at some of the rooms in this house. The living room has its sides decked with suite couches and white pillows, while the modern coffee table in the middle is made of glass, and the fireplace is made of white frame. The only things that colored the house is the butterfly carpet and the potted plant placed between the couches, while there is an unnoticeable brown painting placed on the wall. The dining room has white ceilings and walls, but cream-colored dining table is placed at the side along with the pairing red chairs. The kitchen countertops might be in white, but a basket of colorful fruits are there to enhance it. It is a simple but strategic scheme, is it not?

Blake Home for a Silent Proof

Though the color scheme might be something common, it proved to be useful in this house. Not only the house feels spacey and breezy, it also looks clean and neat thanks to the dominating white in the house. All of these because of a simple color scheme! This simple English house is a silent proof that colors do matter in designing, so make the most out of it and create an airy house like the simple Blake Home in England.

Blake House Spacious Home Red White Chairs Unique Lamp

Blake House Spacious Home Unique Hanging Lamp White Bathup

Blake House Spacious Home White Bathup Woden Floor

Blake House Spacious Home White Bed White Bookshelves

Blake House Spacious Home White Bedroom Small Wall Lamp

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