Spacey Brighton Escape for a Bright Escape

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I am sure there are times where people want to escape the busy feeling of urban cities in their own houses, and Brighton Escape can be an inspiration for those people. Located in Australia, the house is simple in color but unique in design, making it the perfect house for those who want houses that can wash away stress and let the residents indulge in total comfort.

Simple but Unique Design of Brighton Escape

What makes Brighton Escape by Georgia Ezra unique despite of its simplicity? This is because of the design of the house that is uncommon and unique, and this makes the house great while being simple at the same time. Just take a look at the spacey living room. The living room has white couches that have lower floor level than the rest of the living room’s, creating its own “space” while decked with a simple wooden coffee table at the same time. The window across the couch that leads to the garden also makes the couches more comfy because of the sunlight coming in naturally from the “window.” Dim ceiling lamps are lined up neatly above the couch section, and a curvy concrete stairs decorate the living room with its unique design.

Even though the dining room is more elegant, the fact that the room is spacey is still there. The kitchen is elegantly decked with stone-patterned marble dining table that serves as a drinking table at the same time, complete with the high brown and white bar chairs. Across the table is where white cabinets and shelves are placed, while the wall section of the cabinets are also in stone-patterned marble. Behind the dining table is where the windows are also located, leading to the fresh garden outside.

Comfort in Brighton Escape

Of course, there are many rooms that have not been described yet, but they all have the same pattern with the living room and the kitchen. The house is completely decked with furniture, yet the window positions and the high ceiling makes the room breezy and bright. With simple elegance in the form of pure white and unique design, the residents of modern Brighton Escape by Georgia Ezra will definitely find comfort in the house.

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