Sophisticated Triplex House: Get Your Home Higher!

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People may choose a house which has natural concept and located far from the city, but for some people they may choose sophisticated triplex house with city view. The house which has this kind of concept is usually designed minimalism. It may not be very large, but it is designed in the three levels of floors. So, the people who choose this design of house will have enough rooms for their things and their activities. They can work well in the house or spend quality time with their family. They can also have their own private time in the house.

Instead of getting the view of the city from above, sometimes people choose this house because there is no enough area to build a spacious house so that they build the house higher. In this modern era, many people want to build the house in modern triplex house design. They exploit the area which they have to build the house as they want in effective way. The house is designed in three levels. Every level provides the rooms which are needed by the house owner so that he/ she do not need to worry of lacking room.

Every level in triplex house has its function. Usually in the first level, people use it for garage for parking their vehicle. In this level there must be a guest room and a mini kitchen bar. Those open rooms allow the owner of the house to serve their guests directly from the kitchen. In the second level, you can find a living room which is organized well. In this room you can watch television and spend time together with your beloved family. There are also children’s rooms, bathroom, and main kitchen to cook the menu for dinner. In the third level, there are main bedroom and a room for working. You will have a beautiful view of the city in the top level.

Sometimes the lower floor of triplex house is used for business. It could be a shop for selling anything. This house is designed in order to make special place for working. So the owners can do the business easier because the owners will not be in hurry if they want to go doing the business. This concept of house will effectively help them in doing their daily activities like working or spending time with their family. So, it is better for them to choose modern triplex building design.

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