Sophisticated Minimalist Apartment with Luxurious Interior Design

First Floor Plan Beautiful Compact Apartment Interior Design

This minimalist apartment can be the inspiration for those who seek the creative interior design for the small living space. The apartment is already great with its classic building design. It has the tall and big glasses windows and door with the arch design at the top. Facing the classic building surrounding in front of the apartment, the view offered by this living space is more dramatic. The color theme picked for the interior is monochromatic where black and white dominates much.

His minimalist apartment interior is arranged and chosen based on the luxurious yet practical concept. A set of black cozy sofa is placed in the middle of the living room with the vivid yellow in black pattern. The monochromatic theme is strengthened by the black and white painting hung on the white wall. The hanging modern sconces add more luxurious sense of this room. Since it applies the minimalist concept, a set of the dining table is placed side by side with the sofas. The dining chairs are in black and the table gives the contrast by having the white surface.

The kitchen has more natural color. Furnished by the wooden sleek furniture, its design looks modern and stylish. The wooden colors dominate the kitchen while the only color accent is the kitchen counter surface and the stoves which are in silver. The staircase is also in brown with the wooden stairs. It is designed in the simple mode to save the space.

The bedroom is the combination between classic and modern style. The simple bedding with the neutral color emphasizes the concept of the contemporary bedroom. It is completed with the large sleek grey closets. The sliding doors are applied to save the space. Minimalist apartment interior design is significant if we want to maximally use the space in savvy way.

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