Sophisticated Eclectic House Design Created by Buildall house Inc.

Lovely Apartment Remodeling Ideas Using Combination Between Rustic And Modern Interior Decor

Buildall house Inc. in Toronto Canada has eclectic house design project in contemporary style. Well, eclectic is a decor with mixture of textures. No 210 use heterogeneous elements to decorate its rooms. Plastic materials, unpolished furniture, wooden materials, metal, and glass materials are combined together to create eclectic house design. The odd combination precisely creates fashionable room design with cozy atmosphere in it.

Do you want to see the eclectic interior design of this residence? Yea, coming to the living room, the eclectic design is clearly visible. The living room is featured by grey fabric sectional sofa and occasional chairs. The wooden table stands on the wool carpet. For flooring, hardwood floor is the best choice for creating cozy atmosphere in the living room design. One cannot be forgotten from the living room is the use of curtain. This house has practical curtain idea. The curtain used is simple curtain with black and white stripes pattern. The choice of color and pattern can perfectly matched with the entire room design.

Next to the living room is the dining table which partitions the living room and the kitchen. The unpolished wood is the material used for the dining table. Scandinavian pendant lamps floating above the dining table do not miss to beautify the rooms and add eclectic design in it. The next part of the house is the kitchen. The kitchen is featured by stainless furniture creating gloss to the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets and white countertop with green mini seats around are creating elegant impression to the kitchen. Pipes are also part of the decor. The metallic detail of pipes has a great important to the house decoration. A set of glass stair with wooden staircase takes to the main bedroom.

After seeing all the eclectic design of the residence created by Buildall house Inc. in Toronto Canada, you may have an idea to have this kind of room design. It is ok to have eclectic home decor since all elements can be matched perfectly so that can create elegant room design.

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