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My cousin asks me to come into her apartment because she needs my help to arrange new furniture. In her apartment, I find unique furniture that is purchased in expensive price of course. I come into her bedroom since she gets headache. In her apartment I find sophisticated beds placed on different space. First bed where she lays on I designed in unique bed. This canopy bed is formed like circle. She calls this bed as private cloud since with circle canopy she gets private space that conceals bed area. Bed canopy is covered by white fabric. Frame of this bed is made of untreated wood represents natural effect.

Bed in white color feels so cushy and cozy to take a rest. Pillows on this bed are covered by white and brown pillow cases. When I lay on this bed it feels as if I am trapped in circle. Next to sophisticated beds in circle shape, there is bedside table made of untreated wood. This bedside table is crafted in box shape. On this box table, vase made of ceramic with artistic architecture lay on it. Artificial flower embellish this vase to give soft and fresh look. This bed can be adjusted in various directions since with circle shape bed frame. It will not spend large space.

In living room I find sofa balls that can be used to take a rest since it is made of elastic fabric. I cannot imagine how to make this sofa ball in order to enable people lay on it without risk of roll down. This sofa ball is made like molecular structure. I really impressed of this sofa bed. My cousin states that this sofa ball is crafted by Animi Causa. When I try to lay on it, I feel cozy and warm.

Then I find unique bookcase that can be transformed into bed. I never thought that this bookcase can function as bed. This sophisticated beds bookcase is really unique design of bed that has multifunction. This bed consists of two parts which can be divided and combined in order to create one bed in usual shape. I try to take a rest on this bed and I feel comfort.

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