Sophisticate Penthouse in New York City

Enchanting Penthouse White Long Chairs Appealing Room Beautiful Painting

This adorable penthouse is located in the middle of the one of the busiest city in United State. Design for up class European bachelor, this penthouse is made for haven when he travelling in the fall season. Since it only going to be used occasionally, the space in this penthouse need to be carefully design to entertain the owner and his friend needs. Basically all room has single white color that added for the walls and ceilings.

Rooms in the Penthouse

As you can see in this picture, the main bedroom is heading to the sea scenery. Seaward part of the room is made of windows that stretch from the floor to the ceilings with partition. Some of the partition can be open and allow the air to come inside the room. The room gives masculine ambience with the chosen earthy color for its furniture. The room is not too big, but made special by the huge Chinese painting on the head of the bed. Two matching antique lamp table is flanking the bed. This penthouse ornament for extra bedroom has more colorful furniture of blue and red.

Decorations in the Penthouse

Bathroom is the most appealing room in this penthouse. Facing the crowd city and the tall buildings on one side and sea scenery on the other side this bathroom give total expose with floor to ceilings transparent windows. You can enjoy the great scenery while relaxing in the bathtub. It will rejuvenate all your tired mind and body. The other side of the bathroom is placed floor to ceiling mirror to give bright and spacious feelings to the room.

Writing about this penthouse will not enough since there are others room to be see. Look around the entertainment room where you can enjoy unique half circular couch facing the outdoor scenery with hexagonal coffee table in the middle of the couch. An expensive black furry carpet is placing over the lounge. Some modern design chairs is place around the area, gives expensive look to the room along with the modern table lamps and Japanese paintings. Those penthouse design and furniture selection are example of modern design collaborate with souvenirs from throughout the world.

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