Sophisticate Modern Apartment in the City

Black Pot White Door And White Floor

Clean and sleek is the first impression on this modern apartment located in Russian’s Silicon Valley, Zelenograd. The apartment has pale neutrals base color throughout the room. But this did not make the sterile look since it balance with the use of dark accents. On contrary being sterile, for me this apartment look very sophisticated. Elegant look is shown from the partial and overall look room design and the furniture chosen.

Modern Apartment Decoration Arrangement

This apartment shows the personality of the owner. The entrance is made partially from the other area in the apartment and gives privacy to the owner. But when I go inside the apartment, it shows that the owner has a very welcoming personality. The living room has L shape couch in the front of the flat TV combines with a black wing chair. As you can see, the furniture of the living room is dominated with black color such as the coffee table, closed rack beneath under the TV, also room decoration such as flower pot in the corner of the room and standing lamp. The modern apartment furniture gives fresh and sophisticated ambience throughout the room.

Next to the living room is dining room which share with the kitchen. You can see that while the kitchen were closed with walls which dividing the living room with kitchen, the dining table is the connection between them. This is made to give privacy for the chef while allowing those who eat at the dining table to communicate both to the kitchen and the living room. The dining table and chairs are holding white balance color along with the artistic hanging lamp above it. The kitchen also has white cabinetry while the walls is using marble look which gives warm touch to the room.

Modern Apartment Outsmart Ideas

This apartment really gives meaning for modern design. Look more for the picture where you can find so many modern design scatter around the house. The bedroom is dominated with black, white and grey color. To outsmart the space, the room above the head bed and side of the bed is made built-in closet so you will not need extra cup board. All is design with sleek look and minimizing handle. To give extra room, each bed is elevated just like it flown in the air. This modern apartment design is made for the simplicity of life and given its user more advantages.

Green Bedroom Wooden Floor White Ceiling

Luxury Hanging Lamp Ceramicsg Wall Glass Flower Vase

Modern Bathroom Long Mirror Brown Ceramics

Ornamental Palnts White Floor And White Wall

White Bed Black Lamp Glass Windows

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