Soothing Holiday Villa to Refresh the Day

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Going to this holiday villa would be a perfect place to spend your holidays. Located by the sea, this villa has a scenery right to the sea. In my opinion, spending time in this beautiful house with great environment would be a perfect gateway from the hectic of life. You can enjoy the sun shine while sunbathing with your lazy chair in the backyard patio. Silently you can hear the sound of the waves and feel the ocean scent in the air. That environment really refreshes your body and soul.

Experience Sea in Holiday Villa

The backyard holiday villa area is very appealing. Living bushes is divided the house from the neighbor. The backyard garden is very simple, just neatly grass with low bushes next to the sea. You can jump right to the sea or tied up the boat since the sea is right in your backyard. Call some friends or families and enjoy together the sea ambience. You can treat them in the patio or terrace or even in the upper deck while enjoying the vast scenery of the sea.

Hesitate to swim outdoor will not discourage you to swim since there is an indoor pool on the house. You can swim indoor while enjoying outdoor view since the use of glass walls to the backyard view. The good things about this indoor pool as you can see in the picture are the private curtain that can be closed whenever you need privacy. This will make the entertainment of your holiday long lasting.

Comforting Zone in Holiday Villa

But the entertainment of this house did not ended in the pool. The inside area of the house have so many comfortable and appealing ambience. Let’s move on to the living room where you can feel warm ambience from the use of wooden flooring combines with earthy color of the sofa. Beneath the TV there is a modern fireplace which can warm up the living room as well as the kitchen and dining area. The dining area still dominated with wooden earthy element which now combines with elegant modern style kitchen. These holiday villa design is to comfort your weary and fulfill your entertainment and relaxing need.

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Red Sofas Wooden Floor White Wall

Wooden Chairs Wooden Deck Balcon Small Round Wooden Table

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