Small Swedish Apartment for Simple and Single Person

Black Chair Simple Bookshelves White Rug White Bed

The apartments are nowadays designed as various as the house designs, including the small Swedish apartment. This variety of designs allows the people to choose the apartment which provides the room appropriating to your demands. If you do not want to have wide and spacious room in the apartment, you can also try to choose the small room. This small room is very suitable for those who are single and want to stay in the room alone. Nevertheless, although this room is small, you will not feel crowded inside.

All furniture is organized well in this small room. The soft design of this room is blending beautifully to the practical design. It makes this small Swedish apartment charming. The soft appearance is coming from the choice of colors used in the room, such as white and grey. Both colors are just matching with the brown and black original parquet wooden material that is used for the floors. This white color makes the room becomes brighter supporting the few small windows which are available in the room.

You need not to be worried about feeling narrowed and crowded because this room also uses high ceilings which can let you to have enough space to breathe too. If you are confused of the location of the bedroom, you can find it blending with the living room. You will find the bed placed in the alcove in the same space with living room. It is such of unique corner of the room; yet still make you comfortable to take a rest on the bed. This apartment consists of spacious living room with the alcove, a kitchen blending with the dining table with four chairs and a small bathroom.

This small room consists of modern element design. The wall in the living room is painted beautifully with the white floral appeal. It is so matching with the grey paint on the wall. This room only provides the necessaries furniture and rooms which tend to be practically used by the people. This small Swedish apartment practicability makes the room becomes more beautiful, charming, cozy, and also comfortable to live in it.

Black Floor White Wall White Round Table White Door

Grey Floor Blue Carpet Big Mosaic Grey Floor

Grey Wall White Door Small Closet Black Bags

Hanging Lamp White Plates Wine Bottle White Round Table

Steel Shower White Wall Small Mirrror White Cabinet

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