Sleek Glass Tables with Charisma

Unique Minimalistic Colorful Glass Tabbles Ideas

There is nothing new about the existence of glass tables. There is no need to define them either, because their name literally lives up to their physical appearances and looks. They are just table made of, well, glass! We see them in our daily lives so often, from the living room to the department stores, that we barely notice them anymore. Well, start noticing them now because I am going to give some awesome tables that are actually designed uniquely by Adi Fainer.

Glass Tables That Are More Than Tables

The existence of glass tables by Adi Fainer are not like the other tables out there in this world. Ok, fine, the tables are still made of glass. The surface of the tables are still in glass, and the surfaces have transparent colors where one can see even see the colors of the floors easily just by looking at the glasses. Being a table, of course each table has their own centerpieces that are used as enchantments of the tables. The centerpieces are nothing complicated either, since most of them are just white vases, and the inside of the vases are placed with colorful flowers that totally match with the tables.

What makes these tables with glass surfaces great then? Well, I have not talked about its legs, right? That is what makes the tables great. The legs are no ordinary wooden legs, since the legs are shaped in various shapes that would make one look at those legs right away when they see the tables for the first time. The great thing is, the shapes are nothing ordinary. There are legs with Z-design, and there are legs with wavy design forming a square to support the glass. Though the top parts of the tables are pretty ordinary and plain,
there is nothing plain about the bottom part of the tables.

Glass Tables as Enchantments

See why I literally worship the tables by Adi Fainer? I love how the tables are so simple and nothing extravagant, and yet they still manage to brim with luxurious aura that cannot be gotten easily from other furniture. The simple glass tables by Adi Fainer are the perfect choices for those who want simple furniture that does not stand out but will also make the room better than before.

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