Simple Two-Level Apartment That is Modernized

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Having a two-level apartment is already a luxury for many people. Since it is a luxury, the same people would decorate them in such a way that the luxurious apartment would become even more luxurious. However, luxurious does not mean that is has to be crowded, since AJOT Design Studio managed to pull a luxurious ambiance from a simple minimalist style from the apartment. This could be a role model for those who recently purchased an apartment with two levels.

Orderly-Arranged Two-Level Apartment

To create a luxurious simple modern two-level apartment, everything should be arranged properly. The first thing that could be done is to plan the floors and their usage properly. This is so that everything is not messy and can be neat. For AJOT Design Studio’s design, they used the first floor as the floor for private use. Private use here means the place for the residents to do their daily needs such as the bedroom, living room, and others. Meanwhile, the second floor is used for the entertaining “getaway” for relaxation time.
When everything is id planned properly, it is time to design the place. Set a specific color and theme that can be used for both floors so that everything is in the same style. AJOT’s Design Studio designed the apartment with two levels having the color of gray, black, white, and brown. For example, the living room upstairs has a unique creative design in gray and white, while greenery in the form of fish tank is placed next to it. The other living room is the same, but it has a classical design, and the ornament for it is the two white square tables for the couch. Across the classical couch is where the television is located, and behind the couch is the simple dining table located.

Simple Stylish Two-Level Apartment

From the photos and the description, it is obvious that the apartment really has a simple design. However, the play done with the cold colors along with some modern furniture used makes the apartment more than “simple.” The apartment is no longer a mere simple apartment, but it is an astonishing modern two-level apartment that does not have to be full with ornaments to be luxurious.

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