Simple Tower Kitchen That Is Grand

Astonishing Minimalist Kitchen Idea Natural Wooden Drawers Stove

A simple kitchen can be more than simple, and this Tower Kitchen already proved it. Philippe Starck joined the high class craftsman Pier Boon to create this German collection of his. Together, both of them created a simple kitchen that is also luxurious at the same time, creating a grand ambiance that is also relaxing. If this enchanting kitchen can captivate my heart easily, I am sure it can captivate others’ hearts as well. Trust me, the design is just amazing.

Simple Elegance in Tower Kitchen

How elegance can be fused with simplicity? This impossible achievement is what Tower Kitchen by Phillipe Starck achieved during the designing of this kitchen. Overall, the kitchen looks formal and minimalist. The kitchen is decked with the color of light gray from the ceiling to the floor. Even the furniture is also in the color of light gray, mud white, or pale brown at times. Do not worry about the amount of gray though, because some of the walls are painted in white. Moreover, there is a huge glass decking the wall, and the glass wall is also the door that leads to the veranda of the house. The simplicity of the kitchen makes it more efficient.

Now let us talk about the furniture that makes the kitchen unique. A large metallic fridge is attached to the white wall of the kitchen while across it is where pale brown wooden cabinets and stove is located. Of course, they are placed at the side of the wall also. All the way at the back, leaning on the glass window, is where the shelf shaped like small lockers is located. Meanwhile, the sink is merged with another but simpler stove. Both of them are installed on a dark brown counter top that has a simple black rice cooker at its end. Though the amount of furniture is not a lot, they are still positioned strategically.

Refreshing Tower Kitchen

As it can be seen, the kitchen managed to pull off a minimalist style that is also elegant and luxurious at the same time. The simplicity is thanks to the amount of the furniture and the color scheme of the house, while the luxury is because of the unique but simple designs of the furniture. The unique combination creates a refreshing kitchen that is relaxing and also stylish. So many benefits from one kitchen only! This is what will be gotten if people have kitchens having similar design as the minimalist Tower Kitchen by Phillipe Starck.

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