Simple Subway Tiles for Enchantment

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It is sad that many people underestimate subway tiles. For those who do not know what kind of tiles they are, they are no other than tiles that are lined up horizontally, looking like bricks lining up despite of their physical tile aspect. These kinds of tiles are so used in common places that people do not think too much about them anymore. While these tiles might be ordinary, they can actually enhance some rooms into something better and nicer. Of course, kitchen is also included in the list of those rooms. This time, I am going to give some examples of kitchens enhanced thanks to the “ordinary” tiles.

Beautifying Kitchens with Subway Tiles

The first kind of kitchen design using subway tiles for kitchens I am going to use is for kitchens that have white dominating its every corner. Well, it is not like there is anything wrong with having white and there inside the kitchen. Cabinets with white frames for its glass will give a neat feeling, and the cabinets will definitely match the counter tops that have white foundations/drawers. Though the counter tops have black surfaces for its tops, it still does not change the fact that white is still dominating. In this case, it is best to use black tiles for some parts of the white walls to give a balanced color in the kitchen.

However, what if the kitchen is too colorful? Not that colorful is something bad since colors since always give a bright mood. For example, a light blue counter top could be decked with white sink and plastic blue pot that is inserted with pink synthesis roses. The hanging shelf at the top of the sink can be placed with colorful bottles and a white clock. However, sometimes having too much color is not good because they can clash sometimes. When this happens, it is time to use white tiles in subway form to the rescue. This way, another color balance will be created.

Subway Tiles as Balancers

If it can be noticed, I keep connecting the tiles as color balancers. Yep, that is another use of those tiles. Not only they create an unusual accent on the walls, these tiles will also help to create the wanted ambiance from the colors. Is it not amazing how such simple things can create something different in the kitchen? Only enchanting subway tiles for kitchens can do that.

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