Simple Hewitt Avenue House for Simple Living

Wooden Legg Chairs Hewitt Avenue House

The simplicity of a Hewitt Avenue House is truly something that should be awed. When I entered the house, it was as if I was entering a perfect haven. Everything about the house is amazing, and the house gave me a feeling that is like no other houses have given me. If I were living in Canada’s Toronto, I would have been living in this house already. The house is truly special in its own, and I am everybody would think the same like I do.

Simplicity of Hewitt Avenue House

What makes this Hewitt Avenue House in Toronto amazing is the unlimited simplicity this house has. The high ceiling in the color of white matches the white cold marble that made the floor. The large doors and windows are framed with wooden frame, just like the portrait at is placed on the white wall. Two white chairs are placed in the middle of the room, facing the fireplace that is installed on the gray-is part of the wall. From the glass door, the outdoor furniture that consists of outdoor chairs in the color of white also. There are white fence placed in front of the outdoor chairs, completing the set.

However, other rooms are not as simple as the living room. The kitchen cabinets are made of wood for its raw material, with the exception of the white tiles for the wall of the white sink. The bar table is pretty much the same with the cabinets, having wooden surface and white tops. The bar chairs are in the color of velvet red that pulls of the elegant look that matches the black color of the floor. Two long white lamps are lined horizontally above the bar table to give even illumination on the kitchen. The other level is where the dining table is placed, complete with the white marble table and red velvet chairs. The table is made beautiful with yellow flowers placed on its sides. Overall, most of the rooms in the house are decked with white color and wooden material.

Beauty in the Simplicity of Hewitt Avenue House

People might wonder why I praise the simplicity of the house. However, that is what makes this house amazing. It is so simple and spacey that it makes me feel comfortable and refreshed. Really, I am serious about the feelings I felt about this house. Only those who have been inside the house will know the amazing ambiance of the house. That is why people should visit the minimalist Hewitt Avenue House in Toronto and use it as inspiration.

Wooden Stairs Ideas Hewitt Avenue House

Hewitt Avenue House Grey Floor Glass Door White Ceiling

Hewitt Avenue House Wooden Stairs White Ceiling

White Granite Table Hewitt Avenue House

White Granite Table White Chairs Hewitt Avenue House

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