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There are many unique sofas out there in this world, and Deco Sofa is one of those unique sofas. The sofa is made by Autoban & De La Espada, two inteior design and architectural companies that have their headquarters in Instambul. Launched in New York, this sofa is a unique sofa that looks simple but is actually a more complicated than how it looks. For this reason, I decided to create this article where even the smallest detail of the sofa will be described here.

All About Deco Sofa

Everything about Deco Sofa by Autoban & De La Espada is great. First, let us talk about the so-called simple design of the sofa. The sofa is white in color, having the same kind of cushion like what normal sofas usually have. It has two sleeping pillows and three hugging pillows that are in the same color of white, just like the color of the sofa. However, the sofa has frames at its sides that are are made of wood, and a pair of the same kind of frames are also installed at the back of the sofa as means of support for the sofa. It loos pretty simple, is it not?

However, there is more than meets the eyes for this sofa. The frames of the sofas has round engravements at the bottom of the frames, serving both as a decoration and as the holder that connects the sofa with the frames. To make it even better, the frames are no mere wooden frames because they are thick in size, making the frames solid frames that hard and durable. I am sure the frames would last for a long time. In fact, I think the sofa as a whole will last for a long time.

Deco Sofa Decorating the Room

As it can be seen, there is some great complexity behind the simplicity of the sofa. This gives more reason to use this sofa in their living room now. It has a simple enchanting design that is not outstanding, not hurting the eyes of those who see the sofa while decorating the room at the same time. If this unique Deco Sofa by Autoban & De La Espada is not the perfect sofa for the living room, then I do not know what a perfect sofa is.

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