Simple Cozy Apartment with Style

White Sideboard Cntemporary Bed Sofa Colorful Sofa Cushions Artificial Flower

A cozy apartment that is also relaxing does not have to be plain. It can also be something stylish the resident can show off to his guests proudly during a party or related events. I mean, who would not want to have a relaxing house that is also up-to-date with the latest trend? That is a double comfort right there. Even I want that kind of houses, especially the kind of house this apartment in Moscow has.

Simple Bright Cozy Apartment

As it can be noticed from the pictures of the cozy apartment in Moscow, the apartment is not that big. In fact, many rooms in the house are merged into one big room. The kitchen, the dining room, and the living room are in one room without any divider whatsoever. Yes, despite of the room without divider, the parts of each room can be recognized and differentiated easily from others. How so? That is because the colors for each “room” are different from each other. This way, the “rooms” are not mixed in easily despite of their same locations in the room.

From first glance, the difference in colors is obvious already. The gray couch is decked with orange and dark blue pillows, and a small coffee table of the same color is placed at the front of the couch. The cabinets for the storage for the DVDs are in while, while the television is attached above the cabinets to the yellow wall. Meanwhile, the wooden dining table is in the color of light brown, and the kitchen cabinets are in darker brown. For the hanging kitchen shelves, however, are in white to make everything less gloomy. A simple synthetic flower is placed at a corner, and the large glass windows and door are framed with wood.

Cozy Apartment for Comfy Living

The apartment is definitely something comfortable and nice to live in. The furniture is simple yet comfy, and the rooms have sufficient lights entering them to brighten the rooms. Moreover, the furniture used is natural despite of its refined quality, such as woods and so on. The apartment might be small, but what matters are the comfort and the unique style it gives, right? This colorful cozy apartment in Moscow shows that sizes do not matter, and comfy apartments with style can be done in any apartment.

White Sinks Lacquered Wood Bathroom Furniture Square Mirror

Wooden Floor Modern Bed Sofa Colorful Sofa Cushions Box Floorn Lamp

Wooden Shelf Indoor Plant Cool Bed Sofa Wood Side Chair

Wooden Side Chairs Bowl Pendant Lamps Classic Cupboard

Black Pendant Lamps Artistic Wall Mural Wooden Bedside Table

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Vintage cupboard Precious glassware Unique table top Rustic wood table
White sideboard Cntemporary bed sofa Colorful sofa cushions Artificial flower
White sinks Lacquered wood bathroom furniture Square mirror
Bowl pendant lamps Rustic wood dining table Wood side chairs
Black pendant lamps Artistic wall mural Wooden bedside table
Dark sideboard Square mirror Wooden floor Stylish curtain
Marble wall Stainless steel shower Shiny ceiling light Glass door
Wall TV setup Modern bed sofa White sideboard Bowl pendants
Wooden floor Modern bed sofa Colorful sofa cushions Box floorn lamp
Wall mounted headboard Glossy pillows Unique pendant lamps
Cool curtain Glossy pillows Wooden headboard Unusual pendant lamps
Indoor plant Classic pendant lamp Grey sofa Woode coffee table
Sparkling ceiling lights Porcelain sinkc Large mirror Wood bathroom furniture
Wooden side chairs Bowl pendant lamps Classic cupboard
Bowl pendants Colorful sofa cushions White kitchen cabinet
Wooden shelf Indoor plant Cool bed sofa Wood side chair


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