Simple Corner Apartment with Style

Glass Windows Two Bedroom Corner Apartment

Corner might be famed for its gloomy location, but that does not mean the corner apartment must suffer from the same reputation also. An apartment located in the corner of the building can be revamped into something that is stylish and enchanting, contradicting the gloomy reputation every corner of every building has. It is not something hard to do either, since the tricks done to make apartments in corners bright are not that hard to do. Trust me; it will change everything about the apartment.

Bright Corner Apartment

To make the apartment bright, just like the corner apartment by Sasan Shabani, one thing that should be done is definitely playing with the color scheme of the apartment. The floor can be in gray marble mixed with the black wall of the room. A bright brown carpet can be placed below the wooden coffee table and wood-framed white couch. A wooden set of furniture is also placed at next to the black wall, under the abstract but colorful pair of paintings. Next to the couch is the large white-framed window that is enclosed with black fence. Do not forget the pillows decorating the couch that is in many patterns, from the British flag to floral pattern

Another way to make the corner apartment stylish is to use unique shapes and designs for the furniture. A stylish metallic chandelier firmly hangs there on the ceiling, under the black countertop that is in pair with small bar-like chairs. The refrigerator and the oven are also in the color of metal and silver-ish. Two white-framed windows are placed at the back wall behind the countertop, and floor with wooden material is there to complete the pair. The wall can also use some stylish pattern, such as the red checkered pattern on the wall behind the bed with some small paintings and portraits gathered in one area of the room. The bed can also match it up with its black color that is wrapped with white sheet.

Comfy Corner Apartment

Through the play with the color and designs of the furniture, the apartment that is located at the corner is no longer gloomy and suffocating. The room became bright and spacey; giving comfort that will definitely be loved by the resident. This way, the resident will love staying inside his corner apartment more, and the gloomy apartment is there no more especially if the apartment has the same style of the elegant corner apartment by Sasan Shabani.

Large Garden Two Bedroom Corner Apartment

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