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Stainless Steel Faucet In Amazing Apartment Redesign Ideas With Modern Black Barstool And Marble Floor Also Modern Kitchen Design With Bar And Dining Space Plus Ceiling Lightings

From a simple concept turning into an awesome result; that’s the right way to describe what Pad 67 is. It is a total apartment makeover project with strong philosophy of urban lifestyle. Five small room apartments with total 2.200 square feet space in Taipei is turned into highly spacious urban home. The project is supervised by Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design. The basic concept is to create more space by stripping off almost all partition walls from the five room apartments. The final result of the makeover is there bedroom house with more space inside.

This apartment redesign is based on open door plan where fewer partitions needed. There’s fluidity between integrated living room, kitchen, and dining room creating a huge space in the middle of the house. However, with the application of brilliant customized design, each of living room, kitchen, and dining room has its own characteristic while it still shows harmony between each and every one.  A small home office is also integrated within the space with glass partition it allows the office to have connect ion with the rest of the house. Custom made bookshelf dominated the wall acts as both functional and decorative.

Three bedrooms are hidden behind wall partitioned and with the access doors are designed similar with the partition, it makes the bedrooms are hidden for a purpose. Those bedrooms are from existing rooms from the old apartment and integrated with the rest of the space brilliantly through this apartment improvement project. The final touch of custom wall decal, accessories, combined with lighting effect really creates impressive atmosphere of urban living. It seems like the designer won’t overdone this urban home with too much details and decorations. Even with simplicity it can create a very impressive customized space. It is a huge inspiration for those who want to redesign their apartment.

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