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Architecture JM CasaMosteiro Minimalist House Design

One of the interesting house designs can be seen in Casa Mosteiro. It is building that is located in Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal. This building is designed by Arquitectos Matos. There are some interesting things that we can find in this building. The architect tries to combine the specific premises from the clients with the functional program especially for single family.

Concept of the House

The house is made with a single floor in the central courtyard. The house is facing West and South and it will protect the street from the North side. This house is made with L shape that will be divided in two big parts. You will be easy to differentiate between service area and also leisure zone. The bedroom will be made in the shorter volume of this house. This house is made with additional volume too. In the additional volume, you will find storage room. This storage room will be located in the center of this house.

Access to the House

People can enter this house from east side. There will be a connection between the street’s level, and the main service entrance. When you are at the intersection of L’s volumes, you will find transparency main entrance that will lead you to some different areas in this house. When we look at the interior spaces we can find all rooms that are related with the patio but all will be protected with porch. The concept of this house will unify some different areas in this house to make all family members enjoy all daily experiences in this house.

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