Sensational Unique Home Design by Juan Carlos Menacho

Unique Home Design Surrounded By Black Natural Stone Path Green Lawn

Today, I want to share with you about a surprising unique home design which was designed by Juan Carlos Menacho and is located in Santa Cruz De la Sierra, Bolivia. I am curious about your comment of this amazing home which has circular architecture and is named Chinese Coin House. With beautiful garden surrounding the home, one will have serenity and tranquility to live at this peaceful home.

Unique Home Design of Chinese Coin House

I have some pictures of this breathtaking home, Chinese Coin House. From the pictures, we can see the creative yet unique home design ideas. Then, the home is surrounded with impressive path made of stone and beautiful garden consisting green grasses and some plants. There are also some decorative plants which are in the family of bamboo tree. The materials of the house are stone, wood, glass, etc. so that the home has impressive combination of a natural home design in modern style.

Unique Home Design: Interior Design

Observing the interior design, from the pictures, we can see the minimalist interior with white and black appearance. Glossy white flooring, white ceiling painting, black and white wall painting, impressive black wall from stone, some glass wall, etc. are combined excellently. The furniture is in modern design, such as an elegant brown sofa, black coffee table with shelf, luxury black ottoman, etc. The interior is also decorated by some ceiling lights, greeneries, wall lamps, artworks, etc.

The designer, Juan Carlos Menacho, successfully created an astonishing home. With unique circular shape, beautiful garden surrounding the home, serene interior design, etc. the house is perfect for a tranquility living. This unique modern home can be one of your references to create and design your home since there are some unique home interior design ideas and unique home architecture which will inspire you.

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