Sensational Rug Design to Increase Your Comfort

White Thick Rug Design With Unique Motives Edge

Nowadays, there are many kinds of designs for the house ornaments which can make your house more appealing. A rug is one of the interesting ornaments which will increase the look of a room. It can be placed anywhere you need it. Choosing the best rug design will make your room more appealing. To make the users feel more comfortable, various designs are made for the rug. There are also many awards which given to the best design for the rug.

Top Floor is making a wonderful rug which already wins a multi-award design studio with their masterpiece called ethereal rug. This fantastic rug becomes one of the rug design trends which attract many people. The designer, Esti Barnes is using organic floral pattern in this rug. You can see the organic flora pattern beautify the rug’s whitespace. It is not only layers and grooves. The layers are cut through the rug itself by the designer. This makes the bare wood below the rug is exposed.

This amazing rug is available in many colors. Each color had the fascinating organic floral pattern on it. You can place the white ethereal rug below the white L-shaped sofa. There are some white cushions on the sofa. Wooden table with glass on top of it will make the look more appealing. Placing this beautiful rug in the living room is a good choice. This rug will make your time with the family members more interesting.

Not only for the living room, but placing it in the bed room will also make you more comfortable. The minimalist parlor will also become a good place for this fantastic rug. With unique flower pattern, you will get a better look in the room. Many people are attracted with this rug design idea and want to place it on their room.

Amazing Royal Design Of Rug On Wooden Floor

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