Secluded Taj Exotica Resort for Calmness of Maldives

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Remembering the exotic and grand location of Maldives, Taj Exotica Resort did something that other resorts have never done before. It is no other than creating total private villas separately on the separate parts of the resort, creating “houses” for the guests and their private moments. How is this different Unlike the other resorts, the private “rooms” are created in the form of “houses” where every need of the guests are fulfilled as if they are living at their own homes. Staying in this resort would be like staying at a private vacation “house” of the family.

Taj Exotica Resort’s Maximized Private Design

The private “rooms” of Taj Exotica Resort in Maldives are placed randomly, from the middle to the sea to all the way at the beach. Each of the rooms has their own verandas that are decked with stripped furniture for relaxation, especially when swimming has been done inside the swimming pool at the front of the veranda. The private rooms have their own color schemes from the pure white to the elegant red velvet, but one thing they have in common is that they face the sea directly, usually placed behind the verandas of the houses. Of course, other rooms such as the white living room and marbled bathrooms also face the sea directly.

There are public sections that are meant for enjoyment together with nature. The dining room, for example, has its own gazebo in the middle of the beach. The dining room is completed with wooden furniture and crystal chandeliers for romantic appearance. Those who want something more romantic can always eat dinner at the private gazebo that only fits for two people or a pair of couple. Of course, there are also wooden chairs and tables placed on the beach for more informal relaxation, and there is a hidden spot of the resort where one can sleep freely in the open air.

Appreciating Nature through Taj Exotica Resort

As it can be seen, the resort is definitely meant for some me-time where one can spend his times privately. Moreover, the resort is luxuriously standing there in the middle of Maldives, giving the reason why the resort feels so natural and calming. This way, one can feel the beauty of Maldives deeper in this simple Taj Exotica Resort in Maldives thanks to its secluded and private design.

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Awesome Taj Exotica Maldives Design

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