Scandinavian Style Apartment with Bright White Decoration

Untreated Wood Desk Futuristic Chair Artistic Wall Shelf Modern Sofa

I want to meet my boyfriend in order to discuss our planning for weekend. He lives in Scandinavian style apartmentin Warsaw, Poland. This apartment is designed in white color and it looks bright and elegant. I come into this apartment and find luxurious interior design of apartment. Interior of this apartment is designed as open plan living room. In other words, this apartment is designed as minimalist apartment. My boyfriend asks me to sit on bed sofa of polyester in dark brown color. To complete this dark brown sofa, there is rectangle glass coffee table which is embellished with white ornament.

Ceiling and bead board of this living space are decorated in white. Floor is made of untreated wood. In front of sofa, I see large shelf in white color. This shelf is equipped with dark glass sliding doors. Shelf can function as place to store souvenirs and other ornaments. In addition this shelf covers TV setup too. Bay windows of glass are concealed with white curtains. Hidden light on ceiling spread stylish lighting effect.

Behind this sofa, I find white dining set. Modern dining table is surrounded by white chairs in modern style. I see unique pendant lamp hang on ceiling above this dining table. Shading lamp is crafted like piles of line in lack color. Next to dining set, there is kitchen furniture that is decorated in white too. Kitchen cabinet, kitchen appliance, range hood, kitchen island are colored in white color. All furniture and decoration in this living space are decorated in white, so I can feel bright and wide visualization here.

Next to sofa, there is modern fireplace that gives warmth when weather outside is cool. I walk through corridor which is dominated in white color. I find untreated wooden table where table lamps lay on it. Bedroom in this apartment is designed in white color too. There is low profile bed with white mattress. Two round bedside tables are designed in white colors. White wardrobe in large size is supplied with dark glass sliding door. I get into bathroom where I see white ceramic floor, white bead board, white sinks and large mirror.

Untreated Wooden Floor Modern Table Lamp Stylish Hidden Light Artistic Wall Mural

White Kitchen Cabinet Modern Kitchen Island Elegant Curtain Unique Range Hood

White Wall Bar Wood Desk Wooden Floor Low Profile Bed

Bright White Dining Table Inspiring Pendant Lamp Hidden Light Modern Bed Sofa

Brown Bed Sofa White Kitchen Island Black Fur Rug Round Coffee Table

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