Rustic Villingili Resort and Spa for Private Moments

Villingili Resort And Spa Wooden Deck The Ultimate Luxury Destination

When a person looks for something private and non-public in their vacation, do not worry because Villingili Resort and Spa will always be there for him. Located in the Maldives, the resort has more private rooms than most of the resorts in Maldives. Moreover, they all have the classical appearance that will definitely make people reminiscence about the good moments in their lives.

Villingili Resort and Spa’s Classical but Comfy Design

The rustic and simple outer appearance Villingili Resort and Spa in Maldives is what makes this resort different from the rest. Unlike most resorts, this resort of Shangri-La’s has private villas branching out from the rustic path that leads the guests from the main building to the middle of the sea. These villas, the large private rooms of the guests, have darkened straw roof that is also accompanied with dark brown woods that made up the walls and floors of the villas. However, the outer part of the villas, usually the swimming pool, is made of light blue and white porcelains that match the color of the water for both the swimming pool and the ocean.

The inside of the villas are also simple to match the exterior appearance of the villas. Pale brown carpets are usually placed below double bed that is decked with white wrappings and blue blankets. The sofas and chairs placed in front of the beds are with dark brown frames decked with white, light gray or rainbow-colored cushions. The bathrooms are usually decked with white round porcelain bathtubs and white cabinets at the sides of the bathroom, and there is an extension of the bathroom that is made of wooden wall to match the wooden tiny chairs and black leather sofas placed on the extensions. Simple and classical – the interior design is not so different from the outside.

Villingili Resort and Spa’s Calming Ambiance

Everything about the resort is simple, but that is definitely done intentionally. Through its simple design, the resort can bring out the calming ambiance that will always be wanted for those who seeks for private momentary peace. Peace will always be gained in the simple Villingili Resort and Spa in Maldives, and that will be the reason why people seek out for it.

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