Rustic Indigo with Elegance

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Whoever said that woods cannot be used to create a modern style ambiance that is also classical should definitely take a look at Indigo. The chalet that is located deep in the hills of the fresh greenery somewhere in this world has this amazing design that is not only elegant but also modern and up-to-date with the trend of the designing world. Staying in this hotel will make the enjoyment of the natural surrounding increase by many percent, not to mention the awesome design of the chalet that is natural, luxurious, and elegant – all in one package in this resort.

Elegance of Indigo

When I said that this Indigo by Bo Design is elegant and awesome, I really mean it. The guests, arriving on this chalet, will be welcomed with a unique pair of doors where they are half glass and half wood. The wooden part of the doors is then merged, creating a unique geometrical pattern in the middle. The wood-framed window is installed in the stony wall that is in set with the gray floor of the chalet. A unique square glass chandelier is placed in the middle of the wooden ceiling so that the front door can be illuminated properly at nights. The set is then completed with the gray-colored rug that is placed in front of the door. It has an awesome outside appearance, right?

Now is the time to look at the inside of the chalet. Similar with the outside the inside has walls and floors made of wood, just like the ceiling of the chalet. The square windows on the wall are usually not large, but the designer made sure that the rooms have more than one window on their walls. Dim yellow lamps are lined up properly on the ceiling, giving a romantic ambiance as they illuminate the refined furniture such as white couches and so on. When the furniture is not made of wood, it would usually be accompanied with other wooden furniture such as wooden coffee table and so on. That is how most of the rooms in this chalet are.

Fusing with Nature through Indigo

The description above might be simple, but there is more than simplicity in this chalet. This chalet has strategic furniture positions and classical ornaments that are great when they are combined together. There is the factor of illumination that makes everything more elegant, and the raw material that made the house is wood. What more should be asked from this chalet? The elegant Indigo by Bo Design is the perfect chalet for those who want to fuse with nature.

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