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A home workspace does not have to be in traditional style only. I have seen many workspace designs where the designers implanted other styles instead of traditional style to the workspace. The result is not something bad either. The contemporary style gives a stylish workspace that brightens the mood, and the modern style makes the workspace up to date. I am going to give an example of a modern rustic design workspace that is not only neat but also stylish despite of the lack of the furniture.

Rustic but Modern Home Workspace

The rustic home workspace idea is nothing extravagant and complicated, really. The rustic ambiance is gotten from the walls, ceilings, and floors that are not in clean color. This means that the said sections are in dark color of gray mixed with a little bit of white. The floor is in pale brown color, while the ceiling matches the gray of the walls. What makes this room rustic then? It is no other than the wooden material that is used to create this workspace. Yes, the woods used are woods that are polished and given unnatural color for enchantment.

To balance it out, the furniture used should be modern furniture. The large book shelf at the side of the wall can be in wood, and photos can be placed at the top for some reminiscence of the past. A slim wooden desk can be placed in the middle, and red chairs can be used to complete it. For the client’s chair, it can have different design as the worker’s chair. If that is not an option, a classical white chair placed at the side of the wall can always be used, along with the paired white chair. The lamps hanging on the ceiling can have black or metallic covering, as long as they match with the elegant ambiance the office has thanks to the black and white color.

Style in Rustic Modern Home Workspace

The workspace given is definitely stylish, I am sure of that. It is in black and white, and the positioning of the furniture is so strategic that the style literally comes out thanks to that. Despite of the wooden material that gives a rustic feeling, the room managed to be trendy and elegant. Is not that amazing? This is a proof that a stylish home workspace idea can be created anytime, as long as the steps and color schemes are created properly and with care.

Home Office Modern Decor Dozen Home Workspaces

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