Rustic Hill Country Modern’s Varied Design

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Rustic does not mean old and not fashionable, and Hill Country Modern proved my statement already. Located in the city of Texas’ Austin, this house has a dry but refreshing exterior design that makes the place feels great. The inside is even better though, as the rustic design is also combined with other kind of styles, from minimalist to modern. The house became a one in a million kind of house thanks to its beautiful and unique design.

Design of Hill Country Modern

When one sees the outside of Hill Country Modern by Jauregui Architects, I am sure he will be astonished by it. From the outside, the house looks like a traditional house painted in light brown with the darker brown wrapping its roof. The house has a stone path that leads to the front door, and the stone path is surrounded with fresh greenery that is decked with trees of any size here and there. The combination of brown and green makes the house look refreshing yet dry at the same time, a truly unique experience. Some parts of the house also have a rustic design, such as the wood-framed chairs with tribal blue pattern and the tribal brown pattern curtains.

The dining room has the modern aspect of the house though. The round dining table is decked with white flower as a centerpiece and white chairs for its pair. The dining table set is placed above a round carpet with tribal pattern, matching the wooden floor of the house. The attached shelves and the cabinets are in white, even though the top of the cabinet is decked with black marble. A cylinder chandelier where the glass cylinder has “candles” inside it is hanged above the dining table set.

Unique Experience in Hill Country Modern

The house is deceiving, somehow. It has a rustic exterior appearance that gives an old impression, yet the inside is both rustic and modern. This is the source of the unique ambiance this house has. I am sure this house has surprised many residents already, since I myself was surprised. If the beautiful Hill Country Modern by Jauregui Architects gives such surprise at first meeting only, imagine what kind of surprises it will bring its permanent residents!

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